You are WakeЪп!

За това събитие вече не се продават билети!

при Kuklenski monastery, Bulgaria на 6 VII 2017 от 09:00 до 23:59



"You are WakeЪп!"

4 - days tickets pre-sale

From 01.12.2016 to 31.12.2016
- Christmas ticket (one person) - 20 EU
- Christmas ticket (two persons) - 35 EU *
- Family ticket - 25 EU **
- "You are Experiment" - 50 EU ***

From 01.01.2017 to 28.02.2017
- Single ticket + present "WakeЪп!" t-shirt - 25 EU
- Family ticket - 30 EU **
- "You are Experiment" - 50 EU ***

From 01.03 to 30.04.2017
- Single ticket + present Travel kit - 28 EU
- Family ticket - 33 EU **
- "You are Experiment" -50 EU ***

From 01.05 to 05.07.2017
- Single ticket - 30 EU
- Family ticket - 35 EU **
- "You are Experiment" - 50 EU ***

Tickets on door

Single tickets
Thursday (6-th july): 33 EU
Friday (7-th july): 28 EU
Saturday (8-th july): 23 EU
Sunday (9-th july): 10 EU

Family tickets
Thursday (6-th july): 38 EU **
Friday (7-th july): 33 EU **
Saturday (8-th july): 25 EU **
Sunday (9-th july): Free entry **

* Get your CHRISTMAS Pass for 35 EU and choose a friend to take part with in "Experiment #7".

** 4-day FAMILY Pass - includes entrance for two parents and one or more kids under 14. A copy of each child's birth certificate is required at the entrance.

*** By buying a ticket during the “You Are Experiment” campaign, you get the opportunity to “look behind the scenes” of “Experiment #7”.
You will enter a beautiful and peaceful place where, in the course of several meet-ups, you will get acquainted with the whole process of organising the experiment, get to know the team behind it and be part of the creation and development of various ideas. http://ecoandethic.com/

Everything started six years ago when a bunch of friends spent some time in the nature. Living together just for a few days, we understood theIMPORTANCE of being respectful to one another and to the environment.
We are unable to put in words exactly what happens in that place at the foot of the Rhodope mountain. If we try to explain what is “WakeUp!” with a single word, what would it be?
The most precise word probably is “experiment”.
So “Experiment #7” is coming up, crossing past and future, society and nature, old friends and new acquaintances.
SAVEthe dates July 6 – July 9, 2017 as these four days will unite together theater performances, concerts, various lectors and instructors, contemporary architechture, a cuisine fair, activities for kids, sports and camping in theNATURE.
Everyone is welcome to take part in “Experiment #7” with their own ideas, knowing that all the projects so far have been implemented in the same way.
Living together charges us with enthusiasm and inspiration for a whole year ahead, which is the generator for making this dream come true – “Experiment #7”.


“You are WakeUp!”

Dear friends, we are launching the “You are WakeUp!” campaign which looks like a ticket pre-sale but in fact serves as the only way to make “Experiment #7” happen.

Dear awaken people, we are at the doorstep of the seventh “WakeUp! Experiment”. It has been six years since a single party grew into a festival with traditions and turned into a social experiment. All this happened not only because of us or only because of you, but because we were and still are in it together.

“Experiment #7” is a popular but not a commercial event which, for another year, we decided to promote in an unconventional way.

If you have you own shop, bar, yoga studio, restaurant, workshop or a place where you express yourself, contact us so that we unite our efforts in our mutual promoting.



You are WakeЪп!

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Kuklenski monastery

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